Founded in 2005, Art2Day made a modest start by showcasing works of a few young and upcoming artists. Priyamvada & Sanjeev Pawar the founder of Art2day, realized the huge disparity in terms of prices and public recognition. Hence Art2day is commitment towards creating a greater awareness of Indian art. Art2Day creates a platform For Artist By Artist & Art Lovers to come together, It is dedicated to the promotion of young talent and provides a platform for them to exhibit their work along with that of eminent artists. The Gallery has featured a wide range of well-known painters, sculptors and Folk Artist to students of art colleges. There have been several noteworthy exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photography.

The gallery is different from other galleries, as it has opted to open and diversify the art scene by breaking the monopoly of big names and mainstream centers to accommodate and collect art from regional centers.

After an extremely successful initial 300+ shows, although still in its infancy the Art Gallery have expanded it to a second branch and activities in Pune Camp.

Apart from exhibitions, several art & craft-related activities like short workshops, Training sessions, and lectures are organized on regular basis.

About Infrastructure
We have 2 art galleries in Pune. The H.O is 1800 sq.ft available in heart of city on Tilak road, next to Pune’s oldest Art institute, there is one hall for exhibition which offers a total 200 running foot wall space for display. This well lit gallery can accommodate 40 to 50 small & medium frames or 25 to 30 medium & large frames. Other than this we can accommodate 15 to 20 sculptures, we have glass shelf for display of small sculptures.

We have small a/c auditorium which can accommodate 35 people. This hall is multimedia ready with DLP digital projection systems supported by professional theater sound system. This hall is available for workshops, lectures, audio-video shows.

In January 2008 Art2Day started on more 2000 Sq.ft. art gallery in Pune Camp. This well located gallery has been active destination for some serious contemporary shows in last year. We have developing this gallery into Art active centre which will cater to needs of art lovers, art students and artists.

Sanjeev Pawar
Sanjeev is promoter of Art2Day & is involved with strategy and business development of the Gallery. He has also contributed in the design and development of Art2Day’s online gallery and is incharge of galleries e-business activities. Sanjeev along with his wife Priyamvada & Prof. Chavan founded Art2Day in 2005 and is involved with its overall business management, including its domestic and international operations.

Prof. Sudhakar Chavan
An eminent National Level Painter, an Art professor & Retd. Head of department from Abhinav Kala Mahavidhalaya Pune. Prof.Chavan is an active member of MSBTE’s committee for Art education & policy for Maharashtra State. He has won many accolades on national & state level. He is chief curator & Strategist at the gallery. He is also in-charge of art camps and art, artists promotional activities which gallery organizes nationally & Internationally.

Priyamvada Pawar
Priyamvada the promoter of this gallery is an Art Graduate & is the main exhibitions curator for the gallery. She is involved with corporate marketing and communications of the gallery. She manages the gallery's corporate clients and liaisons with the gallery's marketing partners in business development. She is also in-charge of special art activity gallery conducts.

Artist Catalogs
Art2day offers art lovers an opportunity to view and purchase contemporary Indian art from across India. The gallery's wide selection of Indian paintings, sculptures and folk art provide a glimpse into the inspirations of leading and upcoming Indian artists. For more information about our Catalog Section, please email Art2Day at

Art2Day offers courses and art workshops in painting, pottery, folk art like warli, craft like murals etc. The courses are designed for adults and children. Participants get a chance to explore different techniques through theory and practical sessions. The uniqueness is of all the course is that it is conducted by the master artisans.

For more information about our Activities, please email Art2Day at